Thom Fountain is a copywriter, strategist and journalist working out of the upper Midwest.

Draft Design House
When a couple friends were starting a two-man digital design agency I jumped in to help them solidify their brand voice, naming the company and writing its first manifesto. Three years later, the company grew into a full-service agency and I joined as its strategy director (and primary writer).
Mission Statement
Draft Design House is dedicated to our craft, our clients and our Midwest work ethic.

Every great project starts as a draft: an idea, a concept that has to be developed and shaped into a stellar finish. At Draft Design House we pride ourselves on that process. When you work with us, you won’t get boilerplate. You won’t get a template or some made-for-the-masses schtick. You’ll get a community of creators who are dedicated to building you the brand and resources you want to deliver to your customers. We’ll take that concept, that inkling of an idea and create a full-fledged solution. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get it done. Born and bred of a Midwest work ethic, we put in the effort we need to not just rush to the finish, but to craft your project with the precision you demand. So, let’s get started.
We do solid work.
While we consider ourselves to be pretty nice folks and think you’d love working with us, first and foremost you’re coming to us for focused strategy, beautiful design, and forward-thinking web development. We take pride in our craft and our precision in execution.
We do unique work.
Everything we make is going to be as sturdy as the office furniture we built ourselves, but we also pride ourselves in our ideation – coming up with unique creations that will set you apart from your competition.
We do modern work.
Our work ethic might be old school, but our technology isn’t. We stay on top of current technology and design trends to make sure your products are up to date, but solid and timeless enough to last.
We do versatile work.
Draft Design House has experience designing for all types of clientele. We can be young and hip or timeless and professional – even both at the same time. We work with our clients to find the perfect mix and provide exactly that.

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Babe Ruth Baseball
Concept + Copy + Content
Youth baseball is in decline and what’s left of community programs are being decimated by expensive, elite, private teams. So we tied the appeal of baseball back to its grounded roots through a showcase TV spot and backed it up with a social campaign and content-heavy minisite.
We Did The Math
Concept + Copy
The LE Phillips Memorial Public Library Endowment Fund has a long name and a complex system to grow money, so we built them a campaign that played on that math. We built a series of GIFs, each playing on a complex math problem that no one really needed to know the answer to.
Eau Claire Sound
Concept + Writing + Video
Every scene has a defining sound: the somber grunge in Seattle, the bizarre, noisy folk of North Carolina, the atonal experimentation of Brooklyn. So as Eau Claire grew into a hotspot of nationally-bound musicians, we tried to find that thread through an immersive web and print experience.
Concept + Copy
It’s hard to beat the pull of jealousy. So when we were tasked to build a new site for a forested Canadian lake resort, we played to the fact that everyone wants to imagine themselves up in the great North and personalized the message with a robust database of dynamic copy.
Draft Design House
Name + Voice + Manifesto
When a couple of former coworkers were starting their own business, I helped to name and brand the company. We needed to create a forward thinking voice without going too far – most of their clients were small business owners who didn’t want to sort through technobabble or buzzwords.
Volume One
Writing + Reporting
Over the course of five years and positions from freelancer to managing editor, I’ve written over 200 articles, blog posts, and content pieces for the Chippewa Valley’s arts and culture publication. This is a sampling of some of the best pieces I wrote and/or concepted.